Viber Login | How To Do Viber Login

Viber Login | How To Do Viber Login: Social media apps let us connect with friends and family. With varying features, each of them differs from the other. Viber app is one such messenger service that has more than 823 million users. Viber is a cross-platform messaging application with Voice over the Internet Protocol (VoIP) interface. A social media app that allows you send and receive unlimited texts globally. Now distance means nothing when you have Viber installed on your device. Anyone who wants to use Viber needs to know Viber Login | How To Do Viber Login. Steps to be followed for Viber online Login is same for both Viber login with mobile and Viber login with PC. The apps speciality is the option to delete the message which you have sent. So why are waiting? Get into to know more about Viber app, an overview of its features along with Viber login methods.

Viber Login | How To Do Viber Login
Viber Login | How To Do Viber Login

With an internet connection, you could stay in touch with your favourite kind of people at any time from anywhere. Express yourself as often as you want now with the Viber app. The neat and clear user interface of the app has gained an overall popularity from all sorts of users. Viber login can be done on all the platform and is available as Viber Apk For Android, Viber for iOSViber for Blackberry, Viber App for Windows Phone, Viber for iPad, Viber for Windows PC, and Viber for Mac PC.

Viber App is All About

Send and receive text messages, photos, audio, videos, place calls internationally and much more instantly now with the Viber app. The address book synchronisation feature lets you know your Viber friends directly from your contacts list. Viber has a timeline access where you could update a picture and get likes or comments. Say whatever you wanted to say in your slang with the stickers. Viber even connects all your members in one area with the group chat option. Now expressing information for many persons are made simple. Also, the app ensures your calls are in HD quality. Follow celebrities and brands to get all the recent updates.

Viber Login | How To Do Viber Login – Steps To Be Followed

Viber works on all the platforms, and for each of them, the login steps are the same. Note that, you need to be a registered user of Viber proceed with the login step. If you are not on Viber, then the first requirement to do is Viber Sign Up. Follow the steps to do Viber login.

Step 1: If you are a mobile user, then download Viber app from the Store. Else go to the official website of Viber to log in. Go to to log into Viber.

Step 2: The next screen shows you the home page of Viber app in which you will have two options. You can both log in or sign up.

Step 3: As you are a registered user of Viber, you should go with login option.

Step 4: Provide your mobile number and password which you have used while signing up.

Step 5: Click on Login button.

Finally, you are logged into Viber account.

Viber App – Features

  • Share unlimited messages at any time from any place for free.
  • Share messages filled with stickers and emoticons. Animated stickers are also available that looks more attractive.
  • Share your photos, audio and videos with any of your Viber mates.
  • Chat in groups with Group chats option of Viber app. Talk with 200 members at a time.
  • Maintain privacy from others viewing your chats by Hiding those chats.
  • Know all the recent updates of famous celebrities and companies with Public chats.
  • Delete the message which you regret sending once after it is sent to your contacts.
  • Send audio, video messages, make international calls in HD quality, send attachments as files of 200MB of maximum size.

Viber Login | How To Do Viber Login – Screenshots

Viber Login | How To Do Viber Login
Viber Login | How To Do Viber Login

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